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Assistance in filling admission applications and attaching required documents

Exchange programs

Internship (Paid and unpaid) in Europe and North America, Co-op programs and teacher training programs


Assistance in Accommodation (Homestay, Private apartment, Shared dorms) and Health insurance


Regular follow-ups with universities/colleges


Assistance in the documentation for admission and registration

Technical support

Continuous technical support for our students until the end of their education period

Our testimonials

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­I am truly lucky and honored to have received the scholarship, and I am incredibly appreciative for the opportunity you have helped provide me with. As I have two younger brothers hopefully attending college in the future in Turkey, I have done as much as I can to lighten the economic burden on my parents, who largely are paying for my college tuition. Both my family and I were overjoyed upon hearing of this grant. Many students rarely have opportunities such as this, and therefore I am thoroughly grateful for what I have been given.

Hakim Bukhari, Student
Great staff

I would like to thank the Future Aborad for giving me the scholarship in order to continue my education in Turkey . This scholarship not only helps me continue my studies but also inspires new activities and ideas for the my future. With any type of support comes a responsibility. I would like to thank the Future Aborad staff for encouragement, understanding and inspiration. Every bit of support helps towards my success. I can’t thank you enough for the continued support for my studies.

Humaira Farooqi, Student

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